Public facilities

“Camileta” LLC can offer an exceptionally wide selection of curtains, roman blinds, Austrian blinds, fabrics for furniture, various rods (from classical to modern, from economy class to luxury), profiles for curtain designated for public and commercial building possessors. It is noteworthy that we offer quality fabrics of well-known European manufacturers certified according to ISO-9001, ISO-9002, ISO-9003, ISO 1021 1-2; FR (Flame retardant) Certificate M1 / B1 / CLASSE UNO, Class 1 EN-13773; IMO CERTIFICATE / ACOUSTIC ABSORTION / THERMAL COMFORT and other standards, they meet the requirements for friction, colour resistance and of course non-flammability. Therefore, we can confidently offer our products for hotels, restaurants, theatres, cruise ships (IMO) and for other large commercial and public facilities with special requirements.

We offer special conditions to our business clients depending on the order volume. We have experience in various and very complex projects: 4-5 star hotels, theatre, concert halls, museum halls, other places with high concentration of people as well as in the areas where the best results, making rational and well-calculated decisions are necessary. We are registered in the Central Public Procurement Information System, therefore we can submit offers to organizations purchasing under the Public Procurement Act.

We offer:

  • accurate measurements on the object,
  • individual projects, sketches, visualizations, outlays (according to the fabrics selected),
  • sewing and production of textile manufactures,
  • delivery of manufactures, installation of curtain rods (including automated) and hanging of curtains on site.

We grant a warranty for our products.