Rods are a very important detail in window decor. When choosing rods, it is first necessary to decide whether they will be fixed to the wall or to the ceiling. Also, whether you want hand-pulled or electrically powered automatic rods.

If you’ll choose a wall rod, it will not only perform a certain function, but it will also be a decorative detail that will complement your interior. The range of wall-mounted rods is very wide in our showroom. You can choose by style (modern, classic or the one that fits to a neutral interior), by colour (black, white, silver, chrome, bronze, brass, copper, etc.) and of course by manufacturer or the price. If you have a tensed ceiling in your home and have no space to mount the rods above or you have doubts regarding the strength of your ceiling, wall rods is a great choice.

If you’ll choose a ceiling rod, it will be less noticeable, functional, and comfortable for closing curtain. The main advantage of ceiling-mounted rods is the lower price than the one of the wall rods. We also recommend them if you have ready-made ceiling niches for the rods or you just wish to raise the height of the room visually.

Electronically controlled automated rods have recently become very popular. We are pleased to offer You a variety of models and colour of automated rods. They are available in both wall and ceiling. These rods can be installed in conjunction with smart home systems.

To make it easier for you to deicide, please contact us and our long-time specialists will offer you the most suitable solution for even the most complicated windows.

We offer:

  • free designer consultation,
  • sketch and project execution,
  • all types of rods: wall, ceiling, automatic,
  • rods fixing elements,
  • fixing and mounting of rods.