Voluspa is a trademark of excellence in the world of scents.

Candles. which bring joy to the senses and enrich your daily life. Inspired by the art of love, Traci & Troy Arnsten have created their first candle in 1999 in their kitchen. Since then, these candles have delighted consumers worldwide. By combining Traci’s botanical knowledge with Troy’s engineering education, the cleanest burning candles were created. Independent laboratory tests have shown that coconut wax burns 90 percent cleaner than 100 percent soy wax.

Voluspa was one of the first that started to use coconut wax for commercial purposes. This wax is obtained by cold pressing oil from the coconut and enhances the spread of the scent. And so it has found its niche, with impressive packaging and extraordinary scents in prestigious stores around the world, and has already become a part of Hollywood’s elite home.

Candles make your home cosy. They make you warm and calm. In large or small, in clear glass, fragile porcelain or cold metal containers. Fragrant with resin, lavender, spring blossom or oriental spice. You will be able to enjoy a seductive and sensual scent for 6 months or more.