The curtain provides not only privacy and cosiness, but it is an important particularity of the home that creates a distinctive home style, design that fits in with other interior elements as well as emphasizes your individuality. Beautiful curtains can warm up even the faceless, dull or even cold home interior, turning it into something special, lovely not only for you, but also unforgettable for Your guests!

How to choose the most appropriate curtain: classic, modern or neutral that combines different interior styles? What is more suitable for a living room, bedroom, work or kids room? Finally, what type of hanging or other important elements of the manufacture should You choose? Of course, decisions are determined by each person’s subjective understanding of aesthetics, the professionality of the designer, however probably most important aspects in choosing a curtain are: consistency with the whole home interior (integrity), practicality and quality.

In order to have flawless curtain, it is important not only to choose the right fabrics, accessories, rods, but it also requires a professional designer decision, precision of the drawing and excellence of the tailor. Therefore, the perfect, custom-made curtains are not measured in centimetres, but in millimetres. Throughout many years of our experience, we have been focused on quality, exclusivity of our manufactures, without repeating successful stories in other homes. Every year we update our knowledge by participating in the largest textile and interior exhibitions in the world. Customer loyalty is the highest appreciation of our work.

We offer:

  • free designer consultation,
  • sketch and project execution,
  • fabrics for curtains,
  • curtain hanging systems,
  • curtain decoration accessories,
  • curtain sewing and hanging.