Roman blinds

Roman blinds are one of the most popular comfortably controlled window decor manufactures. They are controlled by a special mechanism and lifted up by folds, giving them aesthetic minimalism, romance, while being comfortable and practical. Roman blinds are lifted and lowered very easily, they cover the window and ensure home privacy. This is a great alternative to curtain when ensuring the wide space feeling is wanted.

Roman blinds can also be sewn in two different fabrics: the top layer from the daytime fabric for the penetration of light and the bottom from a night-time fabric for privacy. At “Camileta” you can choose the fabrics you want and the accessories you want. You can choose sunblock fabrics for your bedroom or workroom.

Roman blinds suits both classic and modern home style. They are perfect for public areas – office, restaurant.

We offer:

  • free designer consultation,
  • sketch and project execution,
  • fabrics for roman blinds,
  • roman blinds hanging systems,
  • roman blinds decoration accessories,
  • roman blinds sewing and hanging.